This results in better results than if you had punched your paperhorizontally

If you want a sophisticated way offinishing your documents, you should consider getting a wire bindingdevice such as the RenzEco S. This 2:1 pitch wire binding machine willgive you great results even though it’s not perfect. Here are thestrengths and weaknesses of this product. Strengths: The Eco S has one of the best punching capacities you’ll findin a wire binding machine. It’s strong enough to take care of as manyas 25 sheets at once. Plus, you’ll be able to punch about 6,000sheetsper hour with this device. Granted, you have to punch the sheetsmanually, but this capacity is still quite impressive.Whenyou go to punch your pages, you load the minto the device vertically.

This results in better results than if you had punched your paperhorizontally because gravity is doing some of the work for you. Thismachine has 25 punching pins and each one of them can be disengaged soyou can produce different hole patterns for documents of varyinglengths. You can punch paper that’s up to 13.5 inches long which willgive you a lot of options.When you use the Eco S, you’ll beable to control where exactly your paper is punched. This is becausethe device has an adjustable depth of punch margin control. When youemploy this feature, you can ensure that your books are bound assecurely as possible.

This device is compatible with 2:1pitch wire spines that have a maximum diameter of 1-1/4″. When you usethis size of spine,you’ll be able to create documents that contain asmany as 280 pages. It’s possible to bind an incredible 250books per hour with the Eco S. Thus, this is a great machine to use ifyou need to quickly crank out lots of books in very little time. Weaknesses: The smallest spines you can use must have adiameter of 1/4″.This is actually the second smallest spine available (the smallest is3/16″) so if you need to bind really thin documents, this could beproblematic. This machine’s handles were designed withright-handed users in mind (i.e. they’re located on the right side ofthe device).

Thus, left-handed people could find using the Eco S to bea bit difficult. The handles are also rather unwieldy and make themachine take up a fair amount of room.Keep in mind that thisis a manual device, not an electric one. Therefore, you may find ittiring to punch and bind a lot of books. Conclusion: The Renz Eco S is a good, albeit basic, wire binding machine. Itspunching and binding capacities are very impressive even though it willtake a lot of energy to get the maximum results out of the machine.It’s great that you can bind documents that contain up to 280 pages andthat you can produce different hole patterns. Just be sure to keep inmind that you can’t use all sizes of wire spines with this device andthat the handles are on the right side. If you’re fine with thosethings, you’ll find that the Eco S will help you produce great-lookingbooks.